Sunday, February 7, 2010

David Sereda, and Galactic Transformer Pendant is Not Connected

David Sereda, and Galactic Transformer Pendant is, a who, and a, what respectively!? Well, David Sereda is a scientist, living in the United States, who created a technology known as Quantum Generator Technology. The Galactic Transformer Pendant is what the Quantum Generator Technology creates. The Quantum Generator Technology ‘machine’, that David Sereda built is solely owned and operated by Universal Balance, of which David Sereda is no longer a part of.

David Sereda just happens to be the original scientist that developed the first original Quantum Generator Technology applied science of permanently infusing healing and enlightening energy, harmonic codes, directly into the crystalline structure of stone! How is this possible? Well before I get into that let me clear up any misconceptions about the scientist David Sereda, and a Galactic Transformer Pendant.

The Galactic Transformer Pendant available online is not a David Sereda business, and never has been. If you purchase a Galactic Transformer Pendant, you are purchasing a genuine Galactic Transformer Pendant created from the first and original Quantum Generator Technology. The harmonic codes pendant Galactic Transformer has the original harmonic codes infused in it.

Now, as to how this is possible and why would anyone want to do it in the first place? The technology utilizes quantum generators, which are working directly with zero point field energy, to do the infusion. When a person wears one of these pendants, their body’s voltage/frequency immediately begins to increase by a factor of 2 to 10 times or more! Scientifically proven hundreds of times!..

Go to the Galactic Transformer Pendant website and find out about the original Quantum Generator Technology and how you can get one of these magnificent pendants for yourself...